Our Badoo and Bumble creative team members are based in London and Austin but have a global impact. With designers, copywriters, and content creators working cross-functionally with the entire organisation, these are the people who bring our mission to life.
Product Design
We’re a small team with a big impact on the online dating and connection world. We create simple, delightful and emotionally-driven products using the holistic approach that product and design should work hand in hand with marketing and branding, and one should inform the other. You’ll find us in London and Barcelona.
Bumble Creative
The Bumble creative team consist of graphic designers, copywriters, video editors, and motion graphics designers all dedicated to bringing Bumble’s values to life. From what you see within the app to what you see out in the world, our creatives work hard to inspire and empower our community every day.
Badoo Creative
Hello, and welcome to the Badoo Creative Studio! We spread our magic throughout the Badoo business to create work that can flex seamlessly across the globe and into the app. Above all, our goal is to build a purposeful brand that people truly love.