Our Teams
Every day, the products that we build touch millions of customers globally. With more than 300 engineers, our teams are obsessed with solving challenging and interesting problems.
Business Intelligence
Millions of people use our apps in over 150 countries around the world. To better understand them and create the best experience possible, we use data. It informs how we design and build our products, how we communicate with our community, and helps the business make insightful decisions. Our data scientists and engineers are based between London and Austin and work closely with all global teams.
The Product team is central to our company’s vision and success. They are entrepreneurs who innovate and execute ideas company-wide, collaborating with world-class engineers to create the best experience for our millions of users. You’ll find these team members in both London and Barcelona. You’ll also find the Localisation and Revenue teams as part of the Product family in London too!
Customer understanding is at the heart of our decision making. By bringing people and markets to life, the research team aims to give focus and insight to our product, diminishing risk in the process. Our customer-centric thinking bleeds into everything else we do, including marketing, copy, and design. You’ll find our fast-growing and agile team in the London office.
Creative & Design
Our Badoo and Bumble creative team members are based in London and Austin but have a global impact. With designers, copywriters, and content creators working cross-functionally with the entire organisation, these are the people who bring our mission to life.
Our marketing and brand teams work hard to bring both the Bumble and Badoo brand missions to life all over the world. They are a group of smart, talented and data driven professionals committed to creating a world where all relationships are healthy and equitable.
Our purpose is to communicate the Bumble story in a way that inspires people to connect and form a deeper bond with our brand. We work cross-departmentally to gather and strategically share our stories with both internal and external audiences. We focus on the best ways to showcase our brand, our product, and our initiatives. We are most successful when we form solid, authentic relationships with internal departments and external press contacts to share the right information at the right time. We work out of Austin and London.
Centre of Excellence
The COE works as a cross-functional team, bringing the right minds together from around the globe to accelerate innovation and equip our teams with the necessary tools to bake diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into all parts of the business. As internal resources and critical thought partners to every employee, this global team helps democratise DEI work and consistently empowers Bumble to build spaces that celebrate and champion the diverse voices that make us who we are.
The Finance Team is based in London and Austin and oversees our investments in headcount, operating expenses, and capital investment. We use our unique view of numbers to see trends and opportunities that are developing within the company as well as across the industry.
The in-house legal team at Bumble gives proactive and creative legal guidance, responding to the day to day corporate and commercial needs of the company and helping the business achieve its vision. We are a team of brilliantly sharp minds who are not afraid to be challenged or think outside the box. We are based in London and Austin.
People and Culture
At Bumble, we have some of the greatest minds in the tech industry working for us. The People & Culture team ensures our continued growth is supported by maintaining our high standards. Being part of this team means you are a champion of Bumble’s culture and values, partnering with our department leads to help them build and retain their teams. Our team expands across London, Moscow, and Austin.
Community Operations
Our Community Ops team is an international group of passionate and dedicated individuals, committed to enhancing the user experience across all channels for both Bumble and Badoo. You’ll find us in London and Austin.