Our marketing and brand teams work hard to bring both the Bumble and Badoo brand missions to life all over the world. They are a group of smart, talented and data driven professionals committed to creating a world where all relationships are healthy and equitable.
Bumble Marketing
Both the Bumble marketing team and brand team include strategists and creatives who work closely together across 6 different countries — U.S., U.K., Australia, India, Germany, and Mexico. The marketing team focuses on ways to bring the brand to life across major mission-centric media campaigns, community marketing events, in-app partnerships, and more.
The brand team creates cultural conversations important to the business by building relationships with influencers, producing original video series, designing award-winning social media, and more.
Badoo Marketing
The Badoo marketing and communications team works across all channels to help create brand affinity and spread our message of honest dating all over the world. We devise through the line strategies based on insights and data to deliver global and localised campaigns, ensuring our product is always at the heart. From our home base in London, we’re always looking for innovative and exciting ways to bring the brand to life.